A Guide to Buying the Best Sunglasses for Golf

If you want to spend a day out at the golf club, you may definitely wish for a clear, sunny day with no winds affecting your game. While all this sun is definitely good for your game, it is not so good for your eyes. Too much exposure to scorching sun rays can make your eyes vulnerable to the harmful effects of UV rays and the glare reflected from flat surfaces. Therefore, before you head off to the golf course for a wonderful day, make sure you get yourself a nice pair of sunglasses to keep your eyes safe.

What Type of Sunglasses to Buy

The first thing you need to decide when buying the best sunglasses for golf is the type of sunglasses you are going to buy. While the currently available sunglasses can provide substantial protection against UV rays, they cannot lessen the glare caused by sunlight, and that can affect the clarity of your vision to a major extent. Since you need to have clean and crisp vision during a game of golf, you need to find a better solution.

This is the reason why polarized lenses are considered to be more suitable for golfers. These lenses not only provide UV protection, but also promise clear vision by blocking glare. However, these are only possible if you select a good and reliable pair. While high-quality polarized lenses might be bit expensive, they are still worth investing in as they are much better in comparison to cheaper ones that offer minimal protection.

How Sunglasses Help Golfers

In addition to golfers, anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors needs sunglasses. However, for golfers specifically, wearing a pair of polarized sunglasses while they head off to play some shots can offer the following benefits:

Sunglasses protect players’ eyes from the harmful effects of three kinds of ultra violent rays: UVA, UVB and UVC. While the last one is not so harmful, the first two wavelengths of UV rays can harm the eyes to a major extent, causing severe eye-health issues.

Polarized sunglasses provide a protective shield from the glare of the sunlight, which is caused due to light reflecting from flat surfaces. Since the glare is quite bright, it causes squinting and puts excessive pressure on eyes, which ultimately results in pain and headaches. Click here for a complete guide of choosing the best pair & find your prescription sunglasses online.

Conventional sunglasses that don’t use the right-colored lenses for the outdoors can blur your vision to some extent. Getting the right-colored polarized sunglasses can help with this problem since polarized lenses are naturally adept at making your vision crisper and clear.

What to Consider When Buying Glasses for Golf

While window-shopping for sunglasses that you can wear while playing golf, there are certain things that you should consider in addition to protecting your eyes. By selecting the right type of sunglasses for playing golf, you can enhance your performance substantially due to your new clarity of vision. So, here are major things you should consider:

First, you should always consider the material of the lens used in the sunglasses. If the lenses are made from glass, they can be quite heavy, easily breakable and usually quite expensive. On the other hand, plastic lenses, while more affordable, can easily get scratched therefore affecting the quality of the vision. The best sunglasses for golf, however, are usually made from polycarbonate material since they are lightweight, durable, more resilient, and shatter proof.

Another important thing to consider is the color of the lenses used since it can affect the accuracy of your vision. Usually, gray, green and copper tinted glasses are considered ideal for golfers since they make a sharp contrast with the grass while keeping color distortion at a minimum. However, while putting, green, rose or red tinted glasses can also be used to highlight the contours of the surface.

You should also pay attention to the frame of the glasses you are buying. The frame for the best sunglasses for golf should be impact-resistant and durable so it does not break easily. Moreover, the frame should be lightweight and must have balanced pressure points so that your ears and nose don’t hurt from wearing it for longer time periods.

So, if you love playing golf, make sure you have the right pair of sunglasses added to your golf kit right away.